Beyond Fertility, Crossing the Bridge of Life

  • For the men and women in there forties, like young people in their teens, everything seems to change. Women’s ovaries are gearing down for the retirement called menopause. Your children start beating you at games, print grows smaller, rooms lack enough light to read, our skin loses its elasticity, and the body takes on wrinkles, bulges and sagging figures. Men lose hair they want to keep; women grow hair they want to lose.

    The times relating to menopause are divided into three phases. Prior to menopause or premenopausal, women usually ovulate irregularly due to inadequate secretion of estrogen. The second phase is called peri-menopause or the menopausal transition. It can last anywhere from four years to ten and is unnervingly unpredictable. The third phase is post-menopause.

    There are several symptoms all women share with difference of severity. These symptoms are due to the rapid decrease in estrogen levels.