A complete self help discovery through a series of questions to show you who you are now - then you move into analytical questions to show you who were meant to be. Finally suggestions and directions for obtaining health using nutrition based on your analyzied personality,

Is Your Personality Making You Sick

  • Since the early Greek physicians named temperaments according to health condition of the blood, people have been interested in personality discovery. Defining health characteristics within certain personalities adds a new mix to an old topic. For example:

    • Melancholy’s commonly have acid reflux problems from worry

    • Phlegmatic’s have digestion problems from internalizing their confrontational world

    • Choleric’s suffer with constipation from not being able to take time and relax

    • Sanguine’s typically are overweight from not having self discipline


    Living an expected life-trying to be all things to all people  affects your health. Women particularly feel compelled to move ahead in the work force, be a helpmate to their significant other, complete daily household responsibilities, meet the demands of parenting children, give support to aging parents, and volunteer in the community. The list goes on and on until we lose ourselves. As we let these increase, our health decreases.


    Dr. K.B. LeMere quickly learned in her twelve-year nutritional health practice, the root cause of clients’ health issues stemmed from living an expected lifestyle, trying to be all things to all people. This book addresses this problem by providing a solution for readers to recapture their natural temperament and expose an expected personality. Reclaiming health begins by understanding yourself plus applying easy nutritional practices and holistic wellness techniques.