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GEMSTONE WARRANTY: For all purposes of this warranty, the term gemstone includes minerals, pearls, rocks, crystals, or any other type stone used to make the purchased jewelry.  Gemstones are soft precious stones that do not have a hardness and are not resistant to abrasions or scratches therefore care must be taken to protect their durability.  The jewelry you purchased today has a lifetime warrantee for the workmanship. I handcraft each piece using a 49 strand wrapped wire for strength. Some pieces have magnetic closures to add quality. Magnetic closures should only be twisted to open, never pulled apart.  Most people have a tendency to pull the magnetic closure open instead of twisting, this weakening the end closure. Therefore magnetic closure are not covered.   I will repair or replace any broken parts to restore the piece, but does not include broken or cracked gemstones.  Return shipping is at your own expense. My designs and creations are each one of a kind that is inspired by the healing properties of gemstones. Thank you for your purchase. 

FORMULAS AND REMEDIES: No returns or refunds if the seal is broken on the bottle. Returns are at your own expense.